Loney dear, the shop.
Sologne (CD)

Sologne (CD)

Only a few left of CD version, ever. Prices will go up for every sold from here on. Get it signed, get anything, just ask.

The first industrially manufactured Loney dear record. All previous releases, River Fontana (2003), Citadel Band (2004), Sologne (2005) and Loney Noir (2005) was made on cd-r with Emils own folded and glued paper sleeves.

1 I fought the battle of Trinidad & Tobago
2 Where are you go go going to?
3 The city, the airport
4 Le fever
5 A band
6 Take it back
7 In with the arms
8 Grekerna
9 I lose it all
10 Won't you do?

This is a good one. 

149 SEK